World Championship FCI IPO3 2008 , Belgium

I took part on FCI World Championship 2008 with Hera in Warve and reached 80 th place with the final score of 248 points (tracking 71, obedience 86, defense 91). That’s brief news. More information with the pictures and videos you can see  : pictures WCh.,   video protection,  obedience,   video Best of FCI 2008  


We competed on the main Sport stadium in Warve. The competition was very important experience for me and my male-dog. The Slovak team stayed approximately 10 km from the stadium in the small city Corbais. When we were coming to the Warve in Monday evening (18 hours), the weather was very hot with the temperature about 290C. My dog-male was in heat with milk the eighth day … was getting to be interesting…..


Tracking was vexed in generally in this competition. The track place for training was not provided by hosting country. Moreover we should discus a lot about this tracking because this competition was unfair by my point of view. There were different terrains for tracking consider the difficulty and length (approximately half of length according to IPO regulations).

 We went on tracking after lunch about 2:30 p.m. We traveled by buss without air conditions and then wait inside 15 minutes. The temperature outside was 400C. The first team didn’t finis the tracking. They didn’t be successful, reached only 27- 50 points. The terrain was very difficult. Hera started very good at the tracking. She pointed the first article quickly and correctly. After 30 m she checked by head the terrain on the both side and immediately she continued on the line. She used to do it, but only when the line is crossed by another one. After that she continued about 15 m and made the corner correctly. The judge stopped us with the result that the dog-male make the mistake after 3 m behind the corner. I was angry, because I was sure, that the dog worked correct and she was on the tracking. I disagreed with the judge and I craved to continue. I discussed with judge and track layer and both checked the terrain more than 7 minutes. The judge suggested me to continue suddenly or go on a new tracking after 2 hours. The weather was very hot and sunny. I was afraid to have a new tracking because of my dog, I resolved to continue. Afterwards we showed, the track layer was wrong, he made a mistake. Horrible! After that Hera looked a littlie bit tired and she made some mistake on the last corner. We reached 71 points. This year I took part on two World Championships and I had a bad luck on both because of track layer.          


Our show in obedience we started in Friday afternoon. It was cloudy a hole day. The first was down under distraction without mistake. We reached 86 points because of Hera – she worked a littlie bit slowly in general, she sit out of motion very slowly (minus 4 points).  When she was jumping over the hurdle she touched it (minus 2 points).

 Saturday was free for us.

 Protection work:

 We started at 9:15 a.m. The judge judged very correctly. He required technically perfect defense, but very strong and hard dog acting. It was unusual for me that the judge moved very closely around the helper and the dog in order to see all details. 

I think it was one of the best performances of me and Hera. The biggest mistake was by hold and bark (minus 4 points). Hera made 3 pauses and repeatedly watched on me. Then she was great. She defended through energetic and powerful griping without hesitation. Most exercises were without serious mistakes. We lost for barking, weak strength by defense during the guarding phase, very close walking by leaving to attack on the dog out of motion. Finally we reached satisfactory 91 points.  The pictures and videos are here.

I would like to thanks Mr. Olearčin for the pictures.