We took part on IDC World Championship 2007 and reached nice 6th place with the final score of 283 points (tracking 98, obedience 89, defense 96).


First of all I would like to dedicate my thanks to all my friends for assistance and support during the training time of my dog female. I would like to thanks my friends for everything what they did for us (especially for valuable advices or other help) while preparing Hera to this competition.

My special thanks goes to Majko – the helper from our cynologycal club, who helped me directly on the stadium and I hold Pišta and Juraj with their sons from PO&VA Šamorín in height esteem for co-operation.

Of course I’m also thankful to the helpers – Ondrej Bihari and Peter Mičúch, who sweated several T-shirts during Hera’s one-to-one training.

Particularly, I would like to thank Ondrej for the precise timing of Hera’s good condition in the nick of time of the preparation. Besides that, I would like to dedicate my great thanks to Mr. Dušan Majtás, who gave me the primary inducements which turned out to be good in sporting way.

I thank the company Z POLYTANU SK for the sponsorship of competition dress, especially Mr. Ján Tóth and Martin Tóth and to the Doberman club in Slovakia, mainly to Ms. Alica Freyer for its sponsor help, too.


We wouldn’t have achieved such great success without the help of this generous and magnanimous people.








 Video Defence IDC 2007 Vrbové - 96 b.

 Helper Maťo Tóth



       Helper Ondrej Bihári


 Pictures by   Beáte Kleinova  ... :-))




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