IDC World Championship , Deutschland   - Apolda


We succeed in the 14th IDC World Championship 2009 of Dobermann held in Germany, town Apolda. This competition celebrated 110 anniversary of the formation of Dobermann.

We reached the 1. place with the score 283 points (99, 94, 90)

Judges: tracking:  Silvia Marocchi (I), obedience: Frans Matekovic (NL) Defence: Roger Vandereyken (B)
Helpers: Patrick Rüffer, Robert Kraus

Results list is here

 There are the information of viewers on the page Dobermann Club

Fotogalerie is here and video is prepared.

Pictures from competition , Town Apolda ,  Museum of Doberman breed , Celebration with the friends in KK PO&VA Šamorin

The short report from the competition....

It was very demanding to took part in this competition, because before the show in Apolda we were participated on two qualifications in Slovak republic – Chorvátsky Grob and Kežmarok in the short time. We made only 2 difficult tracks on dry ground.

 Our crew consisted of our leader Wolfgang Freyer, Hera´s breeder Darina Miklášová, member of Slovak Doberman club Eva Kozsuchová and Ingrid, arrived to Apolda at 8:30 morning. The accommodation was very pleasure and comfortable in hotel which was very close to the stadium.


The training was very short and brief in Friday afternoon with the hot and sultry weather. I played with Hera very shortly and than; at the evening we entered the draw. Our obedience and defence was on Saturday midday and the tracking on Sunday at 11 a.m.  

Hera showed the obedience without a serious fault, but she seemed a little bit tired. She was a mite slow. Moreover I made some defect, when I gave the sound commands. Finally we reached 94 points in obedience and 90 points in defence.

After our Saturday competition we made a city tour. We saw the sightseeing and the Museum of dobermanns history. There were some interesting things e.g. dobermann standard from the year 1926, the first pedigree from the year 1905, and show documents…I attended the festive dinner at the evening.


Our tracking was on Sunday morning. We arrived to the place at 8:00 a.m. Each track was different in shape, it was interesting. We had the third number and our track was “S” in shape. A big rabbit was run across our track before we were started. There was a hot weather in the field. The tracking work was judged by judge from Italy very correctly.

Our tracking work was the best from all. We reached 99 points.  Hera worked very intensively, systematically and precisely. She showed short hesitation in place, where the rabbit was eaten the corn before our work, but after then she continued on the track. We got a judge appreciation after our work too. After this we had a big change to reach some of firsts places. We had an expectation of winning. All decided definitely after German competitor who reached 90 points in defense. Than we are the IDC World Champions 2009 definitely!