Hera Nuova Dolce Vita

  (nickname: Pegy)


Country of origin:

Slovak republic

Date of birth:



SPKP 2516

Size / Weight :

 66 cm, 39 kg

Tests of Health:

HD-A (assessing from Germany)


SVV 1, SVV 2, IPO 1, IPO 2, IPO 3, SchH 3 (276 points)


World Championship 2007 (6th place / 283 p. in IPO 3)

MS 2008 Judenburg

World Championship IDC 2009 Apolda, 1. place 283 p.



 World Championship  FCI IPO3  2008 Belgicko Wavre

Eurosport- CUP:

Abrahám (SVV1)

Grand Prix Kynologická revue 2005 (SVV 1)

Grand Prix Kynologická revue 2006 (IPO 3)


Kamenný Mlyn (working class V3), Nitra (winner of V1 CAC),

Bratislava (class of Junior V3,  V5)

Nitra, Kamenný Mlyn (winner of Juniors V1 CAJC - twice)

Junior champion of Slovakia

Breeding tests:

ZTP D V 1A ,  SR 5A/AI


Volvo Betelges


Comedy di Casa Dolce Vita


Miklášová Darina, Mgr


Tamáši Pavel, Ing.  



Račianska 17, 831 04 Bratislava, Slovakia

0905 441 087





Hera is a graceful dog female of black/tan color, correct size, compactly built, muscular for great endurance and speed. She is elegant in appearance, has a proud carriage with noble head and cropped ears. Her eyes are brown almond shaped, moderately deep set, with vigorous, energetic expression. She has strong and white teeth, which are correctly placed. She has a proudly carried neck, well muscled and dry. The length of her neck is proportional to the body and head. She has a deep, broad chest, powerful, compact and muscular body. Her wither is pronounced and forms the highest point of her body. The top and lower parts of her body appear in a right posture. Legs are well arched and compact. The tail is docked.


Hera is a self-confident, loyal, active and intelligent dog female and very eager to work. She is teachable, energetic, watchful, determined, alert, fearless, and obedient. She is a very friendly, she loves all family members and she is excellent with young children.

Hera is characterized with a hard bite and full firm. She is very good at defense. She takes part in competitions according to IPO 3. In June 2007 she took part on IDC World Championship 2007 and reached 6th place with the final score of 283 points (98-89-96) and  Championship 2009 and reached 1th place with the final score of 283 points (99-94-90) .